Nebulous Gaming Free For All Server powered by Nebulous CommunityCurrent map Carentan



Map started
Sat Oct 31 12:17:47 2020
Player NameScoreK/D (Assist)#


Server RulesThis are the rules on Nebulous Gaming Free For All Server powered by Nebulous Community

Rule #1: Don't Use Any Kind Of Hacks/Cheats Or Will Be Permanently Banned from the Server.
Rule #2: Using Glitches/Elevator will result in kick followed by temporary ban. Continuing will lead to permanent ban from the server.
Rule #3: No arguing with admins. (Be Nice or Leave)
Rule #4: No Abusive Language Or Bad behavior Towards Any Admins Or Other Players.
Rule #5: No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names, or in-game color in names.
Rule #6: No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else.
Rule #7: No advertising or spamming of websites or servers.
Rule #8: No profanity or offensive language. (in any language)
Rule #9: Do NOT fire at teammates or within 10 seconds of spawning.
Rule #10: Offense players must play for the objective and support their team.
1maverick539242 2.23
2penny477486 0.98
3ZestY262269 0.97
4xTENZOx218401 0.54
5ALPHA218128 1.7
6DARKDUSK193230 0.84
7[003932]187242 0.77
8taotayy18043 4.19
9MeY175249 0.7
10Bokyne17569 2.54
11Amey9967174232 0.75
12SeekNDstroy <3169115 1.47
13DEad12886 1.49
14newton11391 1.24
15Ryuk105123 0.85
16|>BaTmAn<|10051 1.96
17Balles99104 0.95
18[*K R*]ADIR ki94118 0.8
19frostbyte8620 4.3
20RoMaNTi8169 1.17
21Pronoob7782 0.94
22Priash|wA!73102 0.72
23outsider68136 0.5
24CPTHasnain6881 0.84
25P60237 0.25
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