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Map started
Mon Mar 8 09:44:49 2021
Player NameScoreK/D (Assist)#


Server RulesThis are the rules on Nebulous Gaming New Experience Server powered by Nebulous Community

Rule #1Don't Use Any Kind Of Hacks/Cheats Or Will Be Permanently Banned from the Server.

Rule #2Using Glitches/Elevator will result in kick followed by temporary ban. Continuing will lead to permanent ban from the server.

Rule #3No arguing with admins. (Be Nice or Leave)

Rule #4No Abusive Language Or Bad behaviour Towards Any Admins Or Other Players.

Rule #5No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names, or in-game colour in names.

Rule #6No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else.

Rule #7No advertising or spamming of websites or servers.

Rule #8No profanity or offensive language. (in any language)

Rule #9Do NOT fire at teammates or within 10 seconds of spawning.

Rule #10Offense players must play for the objective and support their team.
1Noob Scoper ][34191666 2.05
2bulet4diner28522591 1.1
3Omi27911375 2.03
4stacy_cruz2662804 3.31
5devil><25521288 1.98
6MINISTRY24811294 1.92
7eSuba`[23]20511598 1.28
8PinoyAko20081299 1.55
9ZuzuKiller17601610 1.09
10peepeepoopoo17411983 0.88
11saqib1568912 1.72
12Bakri13941091 1.28
13your Daddy1332962 1.38
14POTAT011691313 0.89
15Nayzz1117882 1.27
16GrimReaper1040870 1.2
17TRIX_NOOB10271193 0.86
18Veer_Bhardra1061589 1.8
19sGx934529 1.77
20daywalker894752 1.19
21AdeelAzzxx8041030 0.78
22LordPakeer794998 0.8
23YONDU10806729 1.11
24Vector7161066 0.67
25dFuZeR726537 1.35
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