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Mon Apr 12 03:45:00 2021
Nombre del jugadorPuntuaciónK/D (Asistencias)#

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Reglas del servidorEstas son las reglas de Nebulous Gaming FFA Server powered by Nebulous Community

Rule #1Don't Use Any Kind Of Hacks/Cheats Or Will Be Permanently Banned from the Server.

Rule #2Using Glitches/Elevator will result in kick followed by temporary ban. Continuing will lead to permanent ban from the server.

Rule #3No arguing with admins. (Be Nice or Leave)

Rule #4No Abusive Language Or Bad behaviour Towards Any Admins Or Other Players.

Rule #5No offensive or potentially offensive names, annoying names, or in-game colour in names.

Rule #6No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else.

Rule #7No advertising or spamming of websites or servers.

Rule #8No profanity or offensive language. (in any language)

Rule #9Do NOT fire at teammates or within 10 seconds of spawning.

Rule #10Offense players must play for the objective and support their team.
1|GB| Kater742445 1.67
2CID_3_NK644794 0.81
3ali619627 0.99
4Juggggaaaa388450 0.86
5dupreeh300247 1.21
6Babbay-Mian289204 1.42
73bT277364 0.76
8NotCoolDude254132 1.92
9BullEt233173 1.35
10mAz230223 1.03
11ITACHI174154 1.13
12Def167175 0.95
13LIGMA161153 1.05
14rex160233 0.69
15AOD|K!LL[E]R15591 1.7
16MAJOR151214 0.71
17Afanasy150236 0.64
18AIMVIIC14843 3.44
19m02144141 1.02
20BINLADIN140110 1.27
21Ryder128154 0.83
22Babbay_Mian12265 1.88
23yash117316 0.37
24MerCy11083 1.33
25JustAORG109104 1.05
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